After four nights at CBC we made the short move along the coast to Quindalup (next to Dunsborough) to bunk in with the Randazzo clan at their holiday house. Lexi, Sam, Renee and Jess once again made us feel like extended family. The kids were thrilled to be reunited with Theo and Ella and Hugh was in his element when Sam set us up for an afternoon of fishing off the beach. I caught the only fish but Hugh wasn't disparaged by the lack of action and dutifully stood with rod in hand. I couldn't believe his patience and concentration when I taught him to cast and that he actually got the hang of it. I started to wonder if we shouldn't be setting him up with his own rod for the rest of the trip.

On Sunday we took a drive up the coast to look at Meelup Beach, Eagle Bay and Bunker Bay, an area with some super hot holiday real estate. I was reunited with a great uni friend Ben and his family over lunch at Swings and Roundabouts, which offered the perfect combo of alfresco pizza, wine and playground. Before heading home we stopped in at Injidup Natural Spa which was an awesome little rockpool where the waves flood in over a rock wall to make a natural spa. We made the mistake of heading right from the carpark rather than left and clamoured precariously over the rocky headland before reaching the crystal pool. But our efforts were well rewarded.

We stayed an extra day so that we could join Sam for some more fishing. Hugh couldn't be convinced to come out in the boat but fished happily from the small boat launch jetty where he pulled in a heap of trash fish - not so fun for the mug who had to unhook them and re-bait every 2 minutes. I went after a squid I spotted only to have the lure stolen by a passing stingray which promptly bolted for the blue and snapped my line. I had better luck from the boat landing one squid, the only catch of the day. Even the crab nets were unsuccessful.

Luckily Jess and Jacob had back-up plans for dinner and we celebrated Sam and Lexi's 41st wedding anniversary with a fabulous ragu and chocolate cake.



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